Our company is composed of a multidisciplinary team with a Sales Engineer, an Agricultural Engineer and an Agricultural Technician whose mission is to support Quinoa producers from the beginning of the season with soil preparation and sowing, until the harvest and threshing of the crop.
It is essential to be present at all stages of cultivation and to be able to guarantee the productivity and quality expected for the benefit of the producer and the final consumer. In addition, support the commercial development of all related products, in order to be an alternative and a purchasing power for farmers and give stability to production.
The company also has administrative staff for the programming and follow-up of all its customers and operational staff for the development of the production process of cleaning, desaponification, grinding and packaging.


 Rodrigo Pizarro
General Manager

 Enrique Pizarro
Technical manager

 Miguel Guerra
Plant manager


 Rosa Cornejo

 Daniela Godoy
Packaged and dispatched

 Carlos Gómez
Laboratory technician


 Gonzalo Pino

Moises Cerpa
Sales representative



Organization chart